Tuesday, July 28, 2009

stained glass

disjointed flecks
of shattered glass
tainted from reflections
of what is
grotesque reality, mirroring
yet distorting life
shadows of truth darken
the door
of an already

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ricocheting off the walls
of my inner self
beating, temptation
finally finds no place
to settle in
swept away by a
long breath out
I am at peace, today

But the page turns
and with tomorrow’s sun
despair dimly
Seeps in, soaking
into my veins
but the heart
always beats, and
ever beating, the constancy
and I rest.

Until a time
when in a moment
frustration finds me
weak. Gripping muscle,
resistant tension
almost triumphs,
yet I find a
strength. A strength
that is almost
not my own
the moment is gone,
and with its leave
comes hope

Withstanding, overcoming,