Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i miss you!

every time i think about this blog, i feel a little guilty because i never post anymore and i wish i did! the fact that i'm maintaining two other blogs for classes this semester may have something to do with it, but i still miss my little blog. let me share a few things about my life currently:

  1. i am now 27 YEARS OLD, as of yesterday. it feels so WIERD. 
  2. i had a delightful president's day weekend with my roommates and my family. my roommates and i went down to zion national park for a day and a half, and then went down to st george for the rest of the break. it was lovely, save for the flat tire. ah, mi vida. 
  3. this weekend has been great because i've actually gotten consistent sleep. let's see if i keep the trend coming throughout this week. 
  4. i'm probably going to get a kindle for my to take to england with me. i have to bring a ton of books with me, and rather than pay extra money to bring all my books with me in my incredibly heavy suitcases, i'm going to get a kindle. this actually makes me cry inside a little because i really don't like the idea of reading without the book. i am 100% an advocate of the printed word so i feel like a hypocrite. please don't make fun of me. 
  5. i love my students so MUCH this semester. they are my favorite class so far. granted, it's only the second semester i've taught, but so far, these kids are so fantastic. don't tell my last semester's class that they are now second best. 
i'll stop there (: oh, one last word: 

downton abbey second season season finale = FANTASTIC. it made most of the mid-season eye rolls worth it.