Friday, April 16, 2010

summer reads

See these bookmarks? They need to be in books. Books of my choice. I've enjoyed a lot of the books I've read for my classes this semester, but there's something different about reading books of my own choosing. Today I took a large stack of books from my bookshelf and made a tower of summer-reads, which I'm really excited to get into considering the fact that I haven't read over half of the books that I own... I can't help it if I keep buying books before reading the ones I have; I love my growing library! It helped that a few years ago I worked at a place where I could buy books for $1 or $2 (believe me, I took advantage of that... often...)

I shouldn't even be thinking about this right now!! On top of the fact that I haven't even taken finals yet, I'm not going to have time to do personal reading until after spring semester in London (woo!) but I can't help but make a list so I can be prepared for actually having free time. :)

See right ----> for my summer reads list. What's on your list?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the series of unfortunate events that was today

good. gracious. (that's how today feels for me) let me give you the lowdown:

last night (which is not today, i know. keep reading) i was up writing a paper, and after several hours of constant inability to concentrate, i decided to finish today in between my classes. so this morning i woke up (late) and rushed to class, la la la anyway after my class i went home to finish my paper that was due at 3. now, i also have a class at 2. but somewhere in between writing my paper and going back to class i got it into my mind that my 2 o'clock class really started at 3, so i thought i had an extra hour before my class started... so i took my time. i even took a 20 minute nap. when i walked into my class at 2:55, i noticed that i didn't recognize anyone, even the professor. i walked out. after i walked out i looked at the clock, and all of the sudden something clicked in my brain and i realized that i completely missed my last day of this class (i had to turn in a paper for this class too - i emailed the professor and begged for mercy... at least i got it haha)

that was incident #1 (honestly, after an entire semester, who forgets what time their class starts? i'm losing my brain... or as jessi would say, i'm "loosing" my brain) time for incident #2:

i went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. after getting back to my apartment i got out of the car and locked it (from the inside... normally i lock it from the outside with the clicker thing, but i was going to have my hands full of groceries) anyway, i got up to my apartment and started searching my purse for my keys... and guess what, they weren't there. i walked back down to my car, leaving the groceries in front of the door, and saw my keys sitting innocently on my seat. locked. in my car. and of course, the only spare i have is also in my car (i'm lame, i know). fortunately my roommate showed up to let me in a few minutes later.

yikes! i am going crazy. fortunately, there are a few redeeming factors of the day. #1, desserts at olive garden: i went with my sister and her boyfriend (i'm getting used to being the third wheel; again, i'm lame) and had desserts. they were fabulous. #2, jack johnson is coming to salt lake city in august (i. am. so. there.)

i'm still looking for someone to break into my car, so i don't have to pay a professional to do it. sigh.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


there are a lot of "almosts" in my life right now. almost done with this semester (only two more official days of class), almost on my way to london for six weeks and, a little further ahead, almost done with my undergraduate degree (which is so, so, so great). i thought i had a year left for my bachelor's degree, but i figured out that i could do it in one semester... so come december, i will be a free woman! well, semi-free. who knows? i might end up in graduate school. i'm not really thinking about that right now... i just have to work on not dying before december. my friend toni told me tonight "post on your blog!" and i felt like a neglectful blogger. so here i am, neglecting other things like homework (10 page research paper, go jump off a cliff). and just to let you know, i'm planning a big blog design overhaul (i get sick of my blog design, time for change again!) so expect changes in the VERY near future!

oh, and by the way. i've been home for my mission for 1 year today! holy cow, crazy. i miss you, uruguay!