Saturday, April 10, 2010


there are a lot of "almosts" in my life right now. almost done with this semester (only two more official days of class), almost on my way to london for six weeks and, a little further ahead, almost done with my undergraduate degree (which is so, so, so great). i thought i had a year left for my bachelor's degree, but i figured out that i could do it in one semester... so come december, i will be a free woman! well, semi-free. who knows? i might end up in graduate school. i'm not really thinking about that right now... i just have to work on not dying before december. my friend toni told me tonight "post on your blog!" and i felt like a neglectful blogger. so here i am, neglecting other things like homework (10 page research paper, go jump off a cliff). and just to let you know, i'm planning a big blog design overhaul (i get sick of my blog design, time for change again!) so expect changes in the VERY near future!

oh, and by the way. i've been home for my mission for 1 year today! holy cow, crazy. i miss you, uruguay!


jessica renae said...

blog overhaul VERY soon. i can't wait. :) almost finished.. almost summer.. :D

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we live mostly in the 'almost!' But the great part is knowing that exciting things come next.... Love you, Mom
p.s. I'm so glad you came home a year ago!