Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My dear blog friend, I miss you. I would love to post more often, but next to realist novels, folklore projects, research papers, daily quizzes that require me to do all the reading, and a multitude of other homework obligations, blogging tends to fall by the wayside. Sometimes, I get sick of being in school. I tire of doing homework for hours every day, and feeling guilty when I'm not doing homework. However, though I feel like I'm being mentally squashed by continuous schoolwork, I have to remind myself of the many advantages of being a student:

* Not having to find a "real" job (yet).
* Being able to answer the question "why are you not dating anyone?" with "I'm too busy."
* Reading (for the most part) fantastic literature. Being an English major has its perks (but I'm a decided bookworm, so I realize this would not be an advantage to some).
*Satisfying my urge to learn, learn, learn. For this reason, I am considering graduate school. Yes, I would be willing to put up with another couple of years after I'm done with my undergraduate degree.
*There are more, but you get the idea. Everything has pros and cons.

So even though this semester is kicking my butt, despite the fact that my classes are enjoyable, I can scare up the motivation to stick it out. One thing helping me right now is the fact that in May and June I'm going to London. Thank you, study abroad, for saving my life before I even go.


jessica renae said...

kick me..haha :) you forgot the perk of living with your fantastic sister, which was first on MY list. ;)

Liberty Williams said...

Oh my goodness that is so awesome you get to go to London - totally jealous here. I've been wondering if you got excepted, and you did. Congrats - hope to hear blogs about your time over there! You better make time to blog about it! ;)