Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ricocheting off the walls
of my inner self
beating, temptation
finally finds no place
to settle in
swept away by a
long breath out
I am at peace, today

But the page turns
and with tomorrow’s sun
despair dimly
Seeps in, soaking
into my veins
but the heart
always beats, and
ever beating, the constancy
and I rest.

Until a time
when in a moment
frustration finds me
weak. Gripping muscle,
resistant tension
almost triumphs,
yet I find a
strength. A strength
that is almost
not my own
the moment is gone,
and with its leave
comes hope

Withstanding, overcoming,

1 comment:

The Waltz's said...

Hi beautiful. I'm so excited to find your blog! It's Emily Martin, now Waltz. Check out my blog. I love this poem especially. Your a wonderful writer. I love to write. I haven't written anything I really love since college until this last year, when I started writing kids books based on my little munchkins! LOVE YOU! I miss you.