Monday, January 18, 2010

for the love

...of waffles.

during Christmas break, I made a wonderful little discovery with my family: Red Rooster Waffle Co. in West Jordan, Utah. I have always enjoyed waffles, but it wasn't until I experienced a Red Rooster waffle that I truly understood the potential of a waffle. After our delightful culinary experience, we decided to try our hand at creative waffle making. Inspired by Red Rooster Waffle Co., this is what we made:

*waffles (whole wheat, because that's just the way we roll)
*egg (poached egg, or if you don't feel ambitious, fried)
*hollandaise sauce (we made it vegan, for health's sake...)
*diced tomatoes, red onion, and a little spinach on top.

If that doesn't sound appetizing to you, it's just because you haven't TASTED it yet! soooo good. Inspirational. We're probably going to end up making some sort of waffle creation on a regular basis... just as my sister stated: "I'm going to be more creative with my waffles." There you go.

If you have any inclination to try our waffles, let me know. We can work something out (:


Sabrina. said...

oooh! pick me! already did. Man those waffles were probably good. Someday when my tastebuds have healed we need to make them again. Please:)

Dahia said...

Ok!! But... you are so far!!! Está bien esto? mi inglés recién comienza jajaja!!! <3u & ur Blog

Hailey Jo said...

I have an inclination to try your waffles :)and you made my mouth I need to make them. soon.

Hailey Jo said...

I don't know if my previous comment I'm leaving it again :D you made my mouth start watering, and now, thanks to you, I am craving those waffles.
ps I have the inclination to try your waffles. so. work something out.

jessica said...

haha, we should establish a creative waffle day - once per week! ...wednesday waffle day?? i like the sound of that ;)
mm mm good!

Akayleia said...

Wow! I could really learn a thing or two from you about making waffles. You know what I put on my waffles? A junkload of homemade maple syrup. Boring! On the other hand, I make a mean crepe!