Friday, July 23, 2010


I've worn glasses since I was four (five?), and I've never been thrilled about the idea. I'm sure it helped add to my bookwormishness as a child (aside: a couple years ago I saw a friend of my older sister's working at American Eagle or Buckle or someplace like that, and when she saw me, she said I haven't seen you since you were little! Little, and always with your nose in a book. Yes, thank you. That's me), When I was twelve I finally decided it was time to graduate from glasses into contacts, and since then I've been a contact wearer, almost 100%. I guess it's now such an integral part of my existence that I don't think too much about it anymore, but when I was at the optometrist's office this past week, my eye doctor said something that really hit home.

My eye doctor, who is also a good family friend, was looking through my chart and mentioned how neat it was that he's been taking care of my eyes for so many years, and I remarked at how grown up his kids were. Then he told me how much of a blessing it was that I'd started to wear glasses at such a young age, because most of the people who are far-sighted, like me, don't catch it until they are teenagers, and by that time they already hate reading. So it was such a blessing that I caught it in time to be able to learn to enjoy reading! We had talked about my being an English major and how, in a roundabout way, having glasses helped me to read and study what I love.

So, I'm thankful for my glasses/contacts, because thanks to them I can do what I love to do - read!


Curt and Ronda said...

I love this! Most people aren't too thankful for having to wear glasses...but you have found a most positive note to a fact of life and I love that you can do that.

Rob & Jen Raybould said...

Well...this is just my opinion - but I love your glasses and when you wear them. You look smart and sophisticated and I'm jealous!

Sabrina Danielle. said...

I miss you! and your classy glasses. Come back to me.