Thursday, December 9, 2010

no rest for the [insert word here]

i could say no rest for the weary, but that's cliche, so i'll say no rest for the person who has been slacking off on her grad school application and gre preparation for the entire semester and now is pretty much freaking out.

good news: today was the last day of classes. what does this mean for me? it means that i just finished the very last classes of my undergraduate career. BOOM, BABY. i wish i could say i felt elated, but i'm not there quite yet. i have finals looming (although i'm not too worried.... less worried than i should be, perhaps) and grad school applications that i've procrastinated until now. shame, shame, shame. that gives me more stress than anything at this point. i realize that so much of this semester has been spent doing things that are immediately important (homework, for example) that the things that will be important for my future have fallen by the wayside. i pray that i can spend some good quality time this coming couple of weeks doing grad school application, and that i don't completely shame myself taking the gre.

i know i shouldn't rely on the "if it works out, it's meant to be" logic too heavily. i mean, i believe it's true, that if i do as much as i can the rest will sort itself out. i just need to get busy doing as much as i can. i'll get right on that.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU. And you copied me, which is the sincerest form of flattery, no?

jessica renae said...

think of how much time you'll have to do WHATEVER you want after finals are over. . . including writing your application and such. and studying math with me for hours. we're going to have SO MUCH FUN studying math, i tell you. you won't even know you're studying for a test! okay... well, maybe that's not true. but still, i'm sure it'll be more enjoyable with finals out of the way!