Wednesday, January 5, 2011

adjustments and blessings

and when i say "adjustments," it really has a double meaning. first, i might have to say that getting adjusted at the chiropractor is hitting my top 10 list of current favorite things to do. second, i'm currently having to adjust to this whole "graduated" thing. it sounds strange, but part of me actually wishes i was in school right now! (the strange, masochistic part i'm sure). i honestly miss the routine, miss learning new things every day and being challenged. i'm just going to have to challenge myself! i can start by looking for a job..... yikes! anyone hiring?

i am satisfying my school craving a bit by filling out a grad school application. hopefully byu wants me back this fall :) i found out today that i got a 5.5 on the analytical writing section, which is in the 94th percentile! yay me! that makes up for me being in the 27th percentile on the math section (hahaha.... when i told my dad that, he laughed and said i think you picked the right field. i think so too, dad!)

despite being a little listless and not really knowing what to do with myself, there are many things i already know i'll enjoy about post undergraduate life:

1. being able to read whatever i want, whenever i want. yippee! i just finished laddie, by gene stratton porter, and am just starting stones into schools by greg mortenson and the count of monte cristo by alexandre dumas. i'm definitely enjoying the ability to start on my ever-increasing book list :)

2. no homework. fortunately for me, i enjoyed a lot of my homework, because i loved my major. i loved reading great literature and writing and such, but when it all starts to pile up and the to-do list gets longer and longer and the papers get longer and longer and i start to get more and more tired... it becomes less and less enjoyable! so while i liked a great deal of my homework assignments, it will be very nice to have a break from the load. if i get into grad school, i will be expecting more of the same plus some, but for now, i will thank heaven for my extra time.

by the look of it, i should be able to survive the life of a college graduate (i may be speaking prematurely, but i plan to make the best of whatever unexpected curve balls come my way).

and in closing: i've been thinking about a few ideas for in-the-near-future blog posts, like:

1. my 2011 goals (meaning my goals for the year 2011, not my 2,011 goals)
2. 2010 in review (mostly pictures)
3. top 10 list of things i learned at byu (ranging from the ridiculous to the serious)
4. names for my future pets

so be expecting these in the very near future!


jessica renae said...

reading your blog has become just about the biggest consolation now that i'm not living with you! i hope you do all those posts - they sound wonderful! :)
also, i'm eternally jealous. i haven't picked up sense and sensibility since being up here. i'm determined! but it's going to be sloooow going. i wish i could read whatever i wanted!

Curt and Ronda said...

Hmmmm...names for future pets. In the not-so-long-ago past, young women used to decide on names for their children......

Jentayu said...

hi there!
i stumbled across your blog while google-ing with the word unconscious. you have such a nice blog =)