Thursday, May 3, 2007

For King

I wanted to write a tribute to my family's dog King because he was a part of our family for so long - 15 years! 15 fun-filled years he was our energetic little puppy, white and fluffy and our very loyal friend. He's been getting old, and he's had cancer for many years, but he was always so chipper and still so happy to be our King that we couldn't part with him. He finally fell victim to his sickness and old age, and it is a bittersweet report to say that he is finally in a better place. This poem is especially for my family, dedicated to our sweet puppy Nat King Cole!

For King

A happy bark welcomes me home
A fluffly white ball of fur comes bounding up
Barkbark, jump
Bark, barkjump
He is happy
To see me.

Cheerful King
The King of our backyard
Constant hole-digger
Chewer of anything left outside
But especially shoes
My shoes happily bore the holes
Of our King.

He might not have been
Good at playing fetch
He never really got
The concept of "sit, stay"
But he knew when I was sad
He could feel my tears
And was always at ready
To cuddle with me
when I cried.

I saw him getting old
His gait slower,
Spending a little more time
Laying down in the shade
He got sick and our tears
Fell, for him
But now the pain is gone
He is in a place where dogs
Stay young
And cancer doesn't slow
His happy walk.

Our King
The King in our backyard
King in our hearts.


alexis said...

that is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Natalie, thank you for paying tribute to our sweet little trusted friend. Our home is a lot quieter, but reading this helps us remember the love our King shared with us all. ~Mom

Jessica said...

I love this natalie! It really shows how i think we're all feeling. Thanks!

carrie said...

Thank you Natalie - this is a really beautiful tribute. We will miss him so much!!

Lori said...

Nat, this just puts all of our thoughts into words and it is the perfect way to remember him!! Once again, thanks for doing what I can't do: write. :)