Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In Contemplation

Sitting under a weeping
Willow, she reads
Wind blows softly
Blowing hair
Blowing branches
Blowing leaves on branches
Leaves in book

Her gaze, thwarted
By the wind
Is not on the words
In the book
Not on the letters
Of the page,
But away

In the distance she
Stares, her eyes
Sometimes blue, sometimes
Green, aren’t focused on
Dandelions, or blue birds
Or the wispy way the branches
Of the weeping willow blow
She doesn’t look
In one place
She looks in
All places

Quietly reaching in
Plucking thoughts, like petals
Off a brainflower
She wonders
Everything, and wonders
All at once.


Hailey Jo said...

thats really cool! I like the things that you write. you should try to publish them!

Jessica said...

This is very neat! I love the line like petals off a brainflower.....yeah, that's a cool thought..good job!

carrie said...

I really like this! You have such a great way of using words to capture certain feelings - this captures so well those melancholy, peaceful, quiet moments. I like the "brainflower" line too - very cute. :)