Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rejected Love

This poem is the result of a bored Saturday at work (not a personal experience) :) Enjoy!

You rejected me, my love
I am left
On my front porch
A solitary tear trails
Down my flushed cheek
I am left

You were my sun, the God
Of my world
You were my world
I love you
I loved you

I gave you my heart

But tonight
On the front porch
You took my heart
And stomped on it.
After making sure each valve
Was sufficiently crushed
By the worn soles of your loafers
You took my heart up
In your hands
And rammed it
Back down my throat
Where it was
Before I gave it to you
I loved you
You slime.

My mind wanders
To the time you first looked my way
Your brown eyes reminded me
Of a melted Hershey’s bar
Now they seem to me
To be just the color of mud
A very dull mud, the kind of mud
I squish between my toes
I laugh to think of squishing your eyes
Between my toes.

The first time
Your lips touched mine
I thought I felt fireworks
But as I stand alone
On my front porch,
I see they weren’t really fireworks,
But alarm bells, telling me to
Come to think of it
I would rather kiss a
Diamondback rattlesnake.
Kissing a poisonous snake
Would be a step up
From what I’ve been used to
With you.


I thought I loved you
I must have been
Merely infected
With some sort of rare
Disease. The kind of disease
That causes a person to do

Do you know what
I would really love
To do
To you?

First, punch you in the face
Key your brand new Jeep
Light your house on fire
Snap, crackle, pop
Plant a car bomb
Goodbye, my love.

To avoid the jail time
I instead stand straight
As you peel out of my driveway
Flip the bird, make sure you see
And walk into my apartment
Gloriously alone.


Rodrigo said...
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alexis said...

who the h is rodrigo? i miss you.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have wondered what it would be like to squish eyeballs between my toes! Just sick Natalie. ha ha. Visit Worldwide Book Drive!

Toni Jones said...

you're quite the writter margaret! will you write a poem about me and my thighs? PLEASE?