Saturday, June 26, 2010

last day in London!

Yes, this is the last London post. After this, it's back to posting about regular life - which isn't bad, of course. Posting about regular life may be my favorite, because extracting meaning from the little everyday things is just as rewarding as writing about London (though it's probably significantly less exciting!) however. I might do another post about London shows I saw (which means that this is only probably my last post, with a strong possibility of a follow up...heheh) but that can come later! Anyway, here are a few pictures from my last day in London:

who can go to London without visiting Harrods, the largest department store in the world? and who can go to Harrods without buying some of their fabulous food? oh, we bought food. and dessert (s). this is a walnut fudge brownie from their huge chocolate/pastry/desert room. oh, yes. it was divine.

Harrods dessert part 2: strawberry pastry thing.... probably one of the best things my taste buds have ever experienced! yum yum

does it look like our last day was filled with a tribute to London food? well, I guess it was! ;) this is the famous Ben's Cookies, where we frequented to get a chocolate-orange cookie or a milk-chocolate cookie or a triple-chocolate-chunk cookie (yeah, really). here we are, sad to say goodbye!

we took a river boat on the Thames, going from Westminster bridge to the Tower Bridge... a wonderful way to see the bridges and sites along the Thames we loved - here's our boat!

me, Kathryn, and Shaina on our boat ride... with the Union Jack in the background!

me and Tower Bridge

I took this picture on our way to the London Eye.... this is a combination of two quintessential and beloved features of London - the Underground and Big Ben! I loved seeing Big Ben stick out in the city; often when we would walk around London, we would look over and there it would be, peeking out through the buildings and reminding us where we were! and the Underground... the Tube was one of my favorite things in London! (after I figured it out, of course!)

a big group of us went on the London Eye on our last night... it's definitely the biggest ferris wheel I've ever been on (and apparently, the tallest ferris wheel in Europe). this was taken when we were at the very top, with beautiful London in the background.

me and Jenny on the Eye! this lovely girl was my bunkmate... I miss her!

and this lovely girl is Stephanie Dawn (yes, we are both Dawns!) we were in the same dorm (the best dorm ever!)

me, Kathryn, and Stephanie.

left to right: Jenni, Kara, Chelsea, Whitney, and me. I love these girls!

me and Whit on the Eye with lovely London in the background... we didn't start hanging out until about halfway through the program, and we are kicking ourselves that we didn't start hanging out before! she was my amiguita that I would speak Spanish to... because she's going to serve a Spanish speaking mission! (hehe... wishful thinking! you never know, Whit!) te quiero!

our very last stop in the Tube! Notting Hill Gate was our Tube stop! (well, and Queensway too)

Kathryn and I with the Palace Court street sign - #27 Palace Court, that was us!

I miss London!


Lib-Dawg...Woof, Woof!!! said...

Welcome back to America! I just got caught up on all your fabulous posts, and am completely jealous. And, want to go to London! Will you be my tour guide! ;)

Looks like you had a great time! (I can't believe you got to see Prince William - AMAZING!)

Toni Jones said...

I loved looking at all your recent blog posts, and especially loved seeing all of your pictures! So fun, i'm so glad you got to go! You look so cute in your pics, too!