Wednesday, June 23, 2010

tea party!

Yes, this is what you think. A real, true, legitimate British tea party. After all, who can go to London and not have afternoon tea at least once? Me, Shaina, Kathryn and Chelsea dressed up and headed off to the Orangery, a restaurant in Kensington Palace famous for its afternoon tea. Of course, we didn't partake of traditional English tea (tipping my hat to the Word of Wisdom), but we chose between herbal tea and hot chocolate. It was YUM-O! as Rachael Ray would say.

Here we are, waiting in line at the Orangery! This was an occasion that called for a lovely dress (borrowed from the closet of Jessica) and fabulous earrings (given to me by Sabrina). Ready to go!

What a lovely place to have afternoon tea!

Check out the gorgeous tea trays! Our afternoon tea came complete with little finger sandwiches, an orange scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam, a mini fruit tart, and an ├ęclair. and of course, the tea! I had a yummy fresh mint leaf tea (pictured far right) :D yum!

showing off the fruit tart topped with a red currant

we enlisted the help of our waiter to take a picture so we could document our wonderful afternoon tea experience together! bottoms up!

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jessica renae said...

soooo fabulous. and, look! a link to me!
idea: i think we should re-create this wonderful tea party for all the sisters and some friends - vegan style! ;) what say you?