Wednesday, August 25, 2010

welcome back, me!

you know you're in provo, utah when:
the number of hand-holding couples dramatically increases
just about every restaurant and store plays owl city music, and the john mayer/owl city concert becomes as important as the next presidential election (we're talking big here)

guess what, folks, i'm back in provo! this summer flew by like a chased hawk, but i'm grateful for the time i could spend at home with my family. somehow, going home for the summer just never gets old! there are so many things i miss when i leave home, my family, of course being first and foremost: my mum and dad (who are thankfully always happy to see me when i come home) my sister hailey (the busy bee who talks politics and history with me) my sisters carrie, lori, mindy and their families (they hang out with me, feed me, provide me with playmates - niece, nephews, and pit bulls). i also miss my kitties holly and merlin, the red mountain, and the scorching summer heat. nothing can compare to home!

but thankfully, provo is a beautiful place to be, and there's plenty to love here, like: the provo mountains, close proximity to lots of shopping and good eating, my new apartment, and school. i'm looking forward to this semester, not only because it's my last, but because my classes sound like fun! here's the lineup for this semester:

american literature to 1800
american literature from 1914 to 1960
writing creative nonfiction
the senior course (the section i'm in is titled: a feast of foodways in life and literature)
strengthening marriage and family

i'm going to have my plate full! i've promised myself that i'm going to be a better time manager, so i can get my schoolwork done and have time to play and keep myself sane. six days until the start of classes!


jessica renae said...

YAAAAY provo! :D
another bonus: without ever buying an album, you can know ALL the owl city music ever made by heart.

Curt and Ronda said...

Yes, we miss you, and yes, we are always happy to see you! This will be a great semester for you. I can feel it in my bones!