Saturday, November 6, 2010

adventuras recientes

this has been a busy week! busy, crazy, but happy. muy feliz. nevertheless, a busy week is no excuse for being a blog slacker. so i'm going to make up for it by creating a SUPER POST. i'm finally sitting down to upload a ton of pictures from my camera, so i'm going to give you a pictorial summary of the past couple weeks.

ingrid michaelson concert

i'm a little bit in love with our feet. we had to wait in line FOREVER in the fetching cold, so we froze...
and i didn't bring a coat, which was dumb.

whitney, jenni, christi, freezing in the snow

cute us

beth, whitney, me. excited for ingrid!

the set

halloween weekend in st george

mindy and hai. indian and kitty.


beautiful millie swinging. my favorite niece (well, she's the my only niece, so i'm allowed to say that)

little gavin... well, not so little anymore

my superstar nephew ashton

we took like 15 of these pictures, and i think this is the only "normal" one

the rest were more like this...

millie as alice

we are goofs

little william loves grandpa :)

thriller! the zombies were beth's favorite part.

jessi's 21st birthday

roomies + sabrina at happy sumo

the decor, complete with 108 balloons lovingly blown up by beth

cupcake heaven!

birthday girl! everyone decided to give her scarves (which she was in love with), and we made her wear a birthday crown


spencer said...

i believe you are missssssing..


or someone more like!!! :)

it's okay though...there is always the "edit" option!! :)


Hailey Jo said...

love love love!!! this post makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

YOU make me happy. I love YOUr photos. YOU took a nap with me yesterday, and I am NOT ASHAMED. I am also very tired and YOU left me to do YOUr homework. Can YOU tell what/whom I am thinking about? ;-)