Thursday, November 18, 2010


i just registered to take the GRE. goodbye, $160. hello, preparation manuals and anticipatory dread.

i should have started studying for this test much, much earlier. i really should have taken it months ago... now i'm not going to have any time to retake it if i bomb. pray for me. now that i've committed myself to taking it, there's no backing out, unless i want to kiss that $160 goodbye for no reason at all (which i don't want to do).

yes, i am afraid. math and i are not friends. we're barely brief acquaintances. no one is really going to care that much if i'm math challenged, because i'm applying to an mfa program in creative writing, not mathematical theory or whatever. still, i don't want to shame myself. math tutor needed.

also, i need to start reading the dictionary.


Hailey Jo said...

haha I'm sure you will do amazing!! ...math and I aren't good friends either. Its not very nice to me... :)

jessica renae said...

YAY it's finally happening. i'm SO glad you're getting it over with before christmas!

Curt and Ronda said...

Smart Girl! Hey, the dictionary won't be a big deal...when you girls were little your favorite reading was the encyclopedia! (Really.)

Bigmacpants said...

just read me!