Sunday, March 27, 2011

there's no place like home

it's so nice to jump out of the car after 3.5 hours, stretch, smell the earthy ivins smell, notice how much warmer it is than provo, hold my kitties, and look forward to sleeping in my bed.

this past week in provo was both productive and relaxing. i signed a housing contract for this fall (i'm going to be in a house! i'm so excited; i was so tired of apartments, and i'm looking forward to living with my good friend holly clark!), had an interview for a grad student instructor position, presented a paper at byu's english symposium (which was so much more enjoyable than i expected it to be. not that i expected it to be unenjoyable, but i was pleasantly surprised. and i loved hearing other students present their papers. my favorite part was the creative nonfiction panel--it got me so excited to start grad school this fall and learn from not only the professors but my peers. it's hard not to be intimidated but i'm just looking forward to all that i have to learn.), ate at the cocoa bean twice (i ate entirely too much sugar this week, especially after going for about three months with virtually no sugar on a daily basis. i plan to buckle down this week and go back to my no-processed-or-refined-sugars norm.), loved spending time with jessi (although i'm sure she's relieved to some measure that i'm gone; i kept her up way too late and i'm sure she will be much more productive without my distractions!)

all in all, it was a wonderful week. but i'm glad to be home in the shadow of the red mountain. there's no place like ivins!


Skoticus said...

I'm soooo sorry I missed your panel. It was the one I most wanted to go to, too, but, alas, duty called.

jessica renae said...

never, never, never would i WANT you to leave me. life's exciting when you're around. true...i slept for 15 hours straight, starting ten minutes after you left... but who needs sleep anyway, right??

and NOW who's going to eat all that wonderfulness with me, huh?
i need your fellow-foodie support by my side. :)
miss you!