Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the waiting game

life is made up of different types of waiting. right now, i am waiting for:

  • the byu/florida game tonight (in an hour and a half). i've never followed basketball much, but i was intrigued early in the season by the jimmer hype. then i started watching the games, and i am obsessed. i don't even feel bad one bit about how much i am obsessed with byu basketball.
  • the next pirates of the caribbean movie to come out. i'm completely okay with the fact that this pirates movie is sans elizabeth and will; in fact, i think their story is over. jack sparrow's story, though, is never over.
  • the results of my interview with the university writing center. if my interview was a success, i will be teaching english 150: writing and composition to freshman younglings starting this fall when i begin my grad school career. i'm not sure if the interview was successful or not; i walked in and was suddenly very nervous, and had to stop myself from wringing my hands, feeling awkward and overdressed, and stuttering. i did, in fact, ramble, but i hope for the best. i should find out by the first of may.
  • the time when i have enough money to buy a macbook laptop. my sister's laptop crashed recently, and she lost literally everything. i got my laptop at the same time as she did, so i feel like mine is a ticking bomb. a very uncomfortable feeling.
  • SUMMER! if you read this blog with any sort of frequency, you will notice that i'm as obsessed with the coming warm weather as i currently am with jimmer. i have more than one reason to be excited for summer: my sister is doing an internship this summer in seattle, and i am going to visit her!! i've never been to seattle before, so i'm looking forward to it.
  • the next time i will eat a cupcake at the cocoa bean. and the next movie with matt damon in it (i've already seen adjustment bureau twice).
  • the opening of the st george farmer's market in may! fresh produce! and raw cheese from the polygamist farmers! SO GOOD.


Berty Bell said...

Good luck on your interview -that would be awesome if you get to teach. You'll love Seattle - I love it there, beautiful city, lot's to do, and many dear friends of mine live there. Also, get a macbook - i've had mine for four years now and love it! I don't care if mac's are taking over the world because they are AWESOME!

Skoticus said...

I don't really think there is any reason to worry about the interview. I haven't heard of ANYONE getting turned down. I really think it's more of a formality than anything else. You're going to be an awesome teacher!

Rob and Jen Raybould said...

Keep me posted! And..p.s. Seattle is beautiful!!

jessica renae said...

i can't wait for you to visit me in seattle. but really... i'm a little put out that you're EXCITED for me to leave. i didn't think everyone was that thrilled to be getting rid of me. ;)
also, i can't wait for your teaching adventures to start. OH hannah, it's going to be so exciting.
ps. yes to matt damon and the cocoa bean. now, please :)