Friday, May 6, 2011

just because I wanted to

Please allow me to share with you one of the most beautiful sentences I have read in awhile:

"...time seemed to have shaken off its quotidian moorings to reveal something of of its true scale and unnerving nature."
{from the essay "Table Manners" in Chris Arthur's Words of the Grey Wind}

When I read that unbelievably beautiful sentence, I had to read it again, then stop, sigh, and thank heaven for people like Chris Arthur who blow me away with the way they have mastered the English language. Praises.

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jessica renae said...

i miss you so terribly. PLEASE blog more?? that way, i can at least enjoy being in your head if not at the kitchen table with you. i miss you. i can't wait until i can come to your house for lunch everyday...or leave notes on the door of your office since you'll be a PROFESSOR! mostly, right now, i wish i could eat with you. you always have the best dinner conversations and i miss it terribly.