Monday, May 23, 2011

Jane Eyre, and why I spent 2 hours at Barnes and Noble

This past weekend my sister Hailey and I really wanted to see Pirates 4. We were going to go Thursday for the midnight showing, but I was sick on Wednesday and by the time I decided I was feeling well enough to go, it was already sold out. So we decided to go on Saturday, because Friday there was a girls' camp 4th/5th year hike and overnighter that we were both going on.(I'm a camp leader--camp cook, yo!) Anyway, so Saturday was the night. But when we got there (we even arrived early) it was sold out. Boo. However, I remember that I hadn't seen the new Jane Eyre movie, so we got tickets for that. We got the tickets at about 7 45, and the show wasn't starting for another 2 hours, so we had two options:

1. go home (20 minutes away), or

2. go to Barnes and Noble (just around the corner)

We decided to play around at Barnes and Noble. First, we sat down in the middle of the "bargain books" aisle and started looking at all sorts of random books, like Warrior Women in History and The 50 Greatest Lies in History (which Hailey promptly put back on the shelf after we read that they thought the Founding Fathers were power-hungry and not motivated by moral conviction. Not a good thing to say to Hailey.) We looked at their JRR Tolkien books, including a beautifully illustrated copy of The Hobbit. We then found an optical illusion book, and sat down on a couch and entertained ourselves with it for awhile. Luckily, there's a mini Starbucks inside Barnes and Noble, so we got Starbucks smoothies (which are, by the way, way better than I expected).

And that about did it. We headed back to the movie theater and got ready to see the newest movie version of my favorite book. Here's the verdict:

I loved it. Granted, I'm generally not hard to please, but I am picky with my Jane Eyre movies, because they never seem to get the character of Mr Rochester right. I thought the casting in this movie was brilliant, even though it was hard to fully develop Jane and Mr Rochester's relationship in such a short amount of time. They did have good chemistry though. I loved the fact that this version really played into the creepy elements of the novel, because it reality it is a gothic novel, so I was glad to see the gothic elements more emphasized.

I love everything about Jane Eyre in general, so it was just exciting to see more of it. When I went to the Bronte parsonage in England, it was one of my favorite days in the world. You can really understand why Charlotte and Emily wrote gothic novels; for heaven's sake, they lived next to a graveyard! And not just a regular graveyard, either. A creepy, mossy, overgrown graveyard (well, it has been almost 200 years since they lived, but I imagine the graveyard was still creepy). Old graveyards are pretty much one of my favorite things. I should post pictures from some of my favorite graveyards (would right now, but I'm at work, so maybe tomorrow. r later today.)

Anyway, I think that's all.


Rob and Jen Raybould said...

You make me want to go to England to see a creepy, mossy, scary graveyard!!

jessica renae said...

oh i miss you two so darn MUCH. gah. when i come back, can we please PLEASE PLLEEEAAASSSEEEE do this??? i wish i could have been there. i love you both. so darn much.

Kristin said...

I found your blog! It really was on Carries, just like you said, I just didnt realize it was you :-)


ps. just click my name and it will pull up mine.

Miss Jessie said...

I've been wanting to see the new Jane Eyre movie since I first watched the trailer. I'm glad you liked it that makes me even more excited. Now I can't wait to see it. I love Barnes and Noble's bargain book section, that's usually the only place I visit when I'm in there. I've gotten plenty of interesting books from that area!