Monday, June 6, 2011

A few noteworthy things

I've had some internet/blogging issues lately (lame), so I haven't posted in a couple weeks. I spent time creating a lovely post featuring cemeteries I've been to, but thanks to blogger, I lost the whole post. So, I was bitter against blogger and didn't try again for a week. THEN, we had a little power outage which for some reason knocked out our internet; we got the internet going on the house computers, but my laptop is still not recognizing the network. Fabulous.

Normally, it wouldn't be a problem, and I'd just post on another computer, but I really wanted to post some pictures.

I am resigned. As soon as I get the internet working on my laptop, I will post pictures of:

*graveyards. yep, you're excited.

*my midweek trip to Zion National Park. I went with my sisters Mindy and Hailey, and we decided to run up and hike Angels Landing (Hailey had never hiked all the way up before). It's a tough hike, but the view is worth every ounce of sweat. I'm excited to post pictures. As a side note, the chipmunks and squirrels at the very top are CRAZY. Apparently people ignore the "don't feed the wildlife" signs, because obviously they depend on humans for trail mix and granola bars, and they definitely let you know that they're hungry. Another side note: on the way back, we stopped at Cafe Soleil for lunch (excelente) and a little chocolate factory for dessert (I wish I could remember the name: it was sensational). If you're visiting Zions, there are a ton of eclectic cafes in Springdale; I have only tried a couple, but would love to try them all.

*my nephew's baptism. Well, not the actual baptism, of course, but we pictures of him with his cute tie. It was great! I hadn't been to a baptism since my mission (two years ago!), so I pretty much cried through half of it. I had to play my violin for a musical number before the confirmation, and that was scary, because I hadn't picked up my violin in several months. Good thing I had my Hailey to cover up my scary out-of-tuneness, because she plays the piano like a pro. Along with a few other things, I have a goal to pick up my violin and play more this summer before I start grad school and have no time.

Anyway, check back for pictures. I promise to post them!

Oh, and one more thing: The city of Ivins is repaving all the roads and putting curb and gutter in, and I am so annoyed with whoever they hired to do the job. They tore up our road about a month ago, and so far the only progress we've seen is a curb. No sidewalks, and no pavement. Just a dirt road that is going to be the death of my car.

Besides, I like Ivins better without sidewalks. Don't ask me why.


jessica renae said...

agreed. i'm actually really, REALLY bitter that they're putting sidewalk in front of our house. it just kind of takes away the small-town charm that i love about ivins so darn much. i'm scared to come home to a different place - that will PROBABLY still be torn up, thanks to how on top of everything the city is!

Curt and Ronda said...

Natalie did let the workers know some of her feelings the other day when they came to ask us to move our cars....

Carrie said...

Old post, but... post the pictures of the graveyards!!! I absolutely adore old graveyards. Someday we will have to go visit the Jacksonville (Oregon) cemetery together. A-ma-zing. I'll have to dig around and see if I have any pictures of it.