Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stick It to the Poetry Professor

Towards the beginning of this semester, I wanted to add a "writing poetry" class. Since the semester had already started, I had to contact the instructor in order to add the class. I received an email telling me that I would be able to add the class on these conditions:

That I was aware that this class was an INTERMEDIATE poetry writing class. That I regularly read contemporary poetry in collections or anthologies, and that I have written 5 or 6 poems that a published poet or professor of poetry deem to be "promising." Also, I would need to be able to recognize imagery and help other students recognize if the images and poetic devices in their poetry work or not. If I was not up to this level, I would find this class VERY difficult.

Wow. I like to write poetry. But that was about all the qualification I could claim. I was discouraged; I have taken a basic creative writing class from BYU, which I really enjoyed, so I was excited to be able to further my interest. But apparently, there is a jump from basic creative writing to the official "writing poetry" class that I wasn't aware of and I don't know how to make. At first, I thought of just bagging the whole poetry idea - I mean, I don't have to have credentials in order to write poetry, right? But as I kept thinking, I enjoy it enough that I would really love the opportunity to continue learning. So whether it kills me or not, I WILL be taking that poetry class at some point. Take that, Professor Susan Howe.


Amanda Raybould said...

Whatev you TOTALLY will rock in that class. She doesnt know how insanely intelligent you are.. so good luck when you finally take it!

Anonymous said...

Tomatela! Umm... how do you pronounce her last name?? Hahah, just kidding, I'm horrible! But do it and tell her that your dad can beat up her dad.

jessica said...

that's right. you show her who's boss. :)

Toni Jones said...

You will do great! I'm telling ya- the best poem i've ever read was the "tribute to tonis thighs."

Good luck!