Monday, October 5, 2009


It was a beautiful thing to click "submit" as I turned in the paper that has consumed my life this past week. It's never a good thing when my teachers say "we're expecting you to spend 25-30 hours on this assignment." Those are the times when I kick myself for being an English major. The assignment? To write a historical/biographical analysis about one of the texts from this unit. The text? "My Kinsman, Major Molineux," by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It included a YEAR of research, I spent hours swimming in the depths of the BYU Library website. But all that matters now is that it is DONE!!!

So what do I feel??

So now I can enjoy five minutes of peace before I start studying for my two tests that I have this weekend. What else is on the agenda this week? Melville, subjunctive Spanish, sentence parsing, 1 Nephi, and more. Oh, the life of a student!


Alexis said...

your life sounds like torture :)

you are so smart. you deserve a nap.

Hailey Jo said...

haha I like the picture of you holding happiness!!! congrats on the paper :)

jessica said...

good way to celebrate, blogging. i think i might just adopt your methods. :)

Amanda Raybould said...

You are the ideal student we all strive to be. Thank you, Natalie. What would we do without your example??

Seriously though. you rock!! Keep up the good work!

Jessie said...

It is seriously one of the best feelings to finish something like that. Congratulations, enjoy your momentary freedom!