Wednesday, October 14, 2009

out of the mouth...

In a desperate attempt to stay attentive in my grammar class, I started doing what will certainly be a daily tradition - I began to take note of all the crazy/hilarious things that my professor was saying. This experiment isn't entirely limited to my grammar professor, he is just the craziest one I have right now. So expect frequent updates!

class 10/13 Prof. Manning, English Grammar

"...and since you have an adjective in your pocket, throw it in there!"

while talking about our biases towards traditional grammar verses an in-depth analysis of word and phrase categories: "our biases are like our paper mache helmets; if you never go into battle, you'll never be disappointed."

explaining that obscure grammar exercises will never be used in real life: "it's like chin-ups. You never want to be in a situation in life that you have to do a chin-up - they are used only in exercise. In real life it means you're hanging off a cliff or something..."
as well as "you will never do the "downward dog" in real life. No....? OKAY that was just a joke for those people that do yoga." (I thought it was funny) :)

"HOW in the name of heaven and grammar can there be two specifiers in a row? It's just impossible!"

class 10/14 Prof. Christianson, American Literature

student: "did Emerson actually write poetry, or just write about it?"
professor: "yes, unfortunately."

...and that's just in two days... :)


Hailey Jo said...

wow...they are all crazy!!! well, the brightside would be that they are entertaining!! :D

jessica said...

yay! :D i started one of your traditions! it's the best thing to do, i swear.
chin-ups... hahaha :) that is precisely why i do NOT do chin-ups.

Anonymous said...

Love it. ~Mom