Monday, October 26, 2009

summer, por favor

I came to a realization when I got up this morning to go running. When I have to wear more than one layer of exercise clothes to run, it's TOO COLD. Time for the indoor track.

Winter is just around the bend here in good ol' Provo, and I can honestly say, bring on the summer. I want it back. Someone told me that it was going to snow tomorrow, and I about had a nervous breakdown. It's OCTOBER, for crying out loud! Winter here goes from November to March (ish) and that's completely unfair to me. That's five months.

I am completely aware of the fact that it hasn't even started to get really cold. But I'm a desert girl, so I'm already wishing for the warm summer sun.

BUT I am also trying to be a positive thinker. What DO I like about the cold?

*hot chocolate
*winter accessories
*watching snow (not driving in it, or being in it, just looking at it)

that pretty much does it.

PS random quote of the day: "The amount of women in London who flirt with their own husbands is perfectly scandalous." [Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest]


Alexis said...

Natalie! Your new blog background is so cute. It is so you. And what I hate most about winter is how dark it gets so early! Boo! Summers in Provo are best.

Akayleia said...

LOL! Natalie I totally know how you feel. We got a Noreaster in October! There was actual snow on the ground! That is just wrong. I had to get out my winter coat in September because the mornings are so cold...and also because I'm a wimp. To me, anything below 70 degrees is an excuse to get out mittens.

jessica said...

haHA! LOVE the quote from the importance of being ernest. i'm reading that book :) also, it is too cold, if it really hasn't even gotten cold yet, then i really am considering a transfer to hawaii. i want my st. george....sob sob :(

Jessie said...

I love the winter. It has been snowing in Cedar City today and it is so beautiful! I will admit that it is pretty cold, but I'm loving it, hopefully it will start to stick soon so I can make snowmen! I love the random quote. I love "The Importance of being Ernest" it is hilarious!

The Waltz's said...

Way to be positive. We left a snow storm in Cedar this morning for St. George where the skies were clear and the air a comfortable brisk...despite the fact that my beautiful children were still in Cedar with my mom, I swear there was a part of me that really didn't want to head back to Cedar...ugh! We decided to stay though. We chose parents over location. I'm sure I'll be glad we did when the baby comes...another girl! Thanks for the positive spin on FREEZING COLD WEATHER! I needed that!

Dahia said...

Hi!!! No la estoy acosando simplemente que me hice una subscirpciĆ³n a su blog!!
Besitosss desde Uruguay.

The Waltz's said...

I'd love to cross paths! My email is, email me and I'll email you my phone number!