Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the good parts

Today was one of those days where I had to resign myself to the fact that I wasn't going to get everything done. Way too much school work, way not enough time. And here I am, writing a blog post at 12:48 am (so I guess I'm not really talking about today, but yesterday), and I still have some reading that I'm probably not going to finish. Well, I'll finish most of it.

Sometimes I tend to measure myself by how much I get done in a day; as a student, this usually means how much homework I get done. Those who know me know that I can be a little obsessive with homework, and have a tendency to beat myself up for not finishing. I'm trying to veer away from this mindset, so whether or not I get everything done, I tell myself it was a great day.

And it was. Let me tell why:

1. Indonesian rice salad. I love, love good food, and my sister/roommate Jessi made this today, and it was heavenly. Sometimes when I get really busy, I forget to eat, and I have Jessi to thank for keeping me alive at various points in the last year. So every time she makes something, I have to thank her especially :) I should also mention the spicy tomato/spinach omelet with guacamole that I made for lunch. So, so yum.

2. The intended run. I dragged Jessi out of the house at 9 pm to go running, and we ended up just taking a leisurely stroll in the autumn coolness. I really do like autumn, even though I'm saying goodbye to heat for the next several months, and tonight was a perfect night to enjoy it. So even though I didn't get my run in, I got a good walk :)

3. Writing. When I write, I am happy. With that said, I am a happy person in general, but there is something about writing that satisfies my soul. It's a similar satisfaction that I get from the smell of desert rain. And cats.


Curt and Ronda said...

Oh I love this! Life is so good, even when our to-do list is not all checked off!

Toni Jones said...

Great post, Nat! I try to do the same thing, too. Loves you!

jessica renae said...

1. i love this post.
2. i'm making lunch, come home! i'll cook for you anytime ;)
3. thank you for not expounding on WHY we walked.
4. i love that i'm not the only one that gets caught up in measurement by list accomplishments.
5. i'm going to stop making a list, and
6. i wuv you.

Sabrina Danielle. said...

"Tom Cruise is nuts?" This will haunt you for-everrrr.


P.s. According to Modest Mouse "You're the good things"
P.p.s. I love your guts.