Tuesday, October 19, 2010

things that make me giggle

I read the other day that children laugh on average a couple hundred times a day, and adults only 17 times [I'm probably wrong on the exact numbers, but you get the idea]. At first the number surprised me, but then it made sense. Adults, we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously. To rely on the corny idiom, laughter really is the best medicine, and it's my goal to laugh more. So here are a few things that make me laugh:

1. Dipping.
Keep in mind that I am no dancer; I am super klutzy, so dancing is not quite my forte. HOWEVER, I do like to dip other people: namely, my sisters Jessica and Hailey. It's just fun.

2. Demetri Martin (hilarious). For example:
"'Sort of ' is such a harmless thing to say. Sort of. It's just a filler. Sort of - it doesn't really mean anything. But after certain things, sort of means everything. Like after 'I love you' or 'you're going to live' or 'it's a boy!'"

"The easiest time to add insult to injury is when you're signing somebody's cast."

3. This quote from "On Running After One's Hat," by G.K. Chesterton
"A man running after a hat is not half so ridiculous as a man running after a wife."

4. The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde (the whole thing, really). For example:
"I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train."

Laugh more today. It tastes better than cough syrup!


Hailey Jo said...

hahaha :) I love this!! so much! it makes me laugh!!

jessica renae said...

hehe, dipping.... i can't believe that we took a picture of it, in the first place. in the second, i can't believe you put it on here! ;)
but it did make me laugh...
there you go!
you've accomplished your purpose :D

Toni Jones said...

I'm pretty sure one of the times i laughed the hardest in my adult life was when we made up that nasty banana-garlic-goop for you-know-who.

Whitney S. Lewis said...

I am now guilty of disturbing at LEAST ten people in the periodicals of the library with my outbursts of laughter. I just could not contain it. haha. Also, I'm very proud to be the photographer of that dipping picture :)