Friday, February 18, 2011

don't even try to change my mind

you can give me all the reasons in the world why not to love cats.

you can say that they are lazy, grouchy, snotty, or vicious.

you can say whatever you want, but it's just not going to do any good.

whatever you say, i will still always love cats.

meet holly. she is very independent and likes her distance (and likes to sleep). but she also loves to be scratched under her chin.

peacefully sleeping kitty

meet merlin: he is slightly deranged (but in a good way), and he lets me cuddle him (and he has the softest fir in the world), and because of the coloring on his face, he always looks a little cross-eyed. which is one of the most endearing parts about him.

he saw that i was packing and jumped into my suitcase to say "no! stay!"

thank you for indulging my need to post about my kitties.


jessica renae said...

oh my goodness gracious, these pictures make me miss them SOOO much! i'm going to die if i don't hold my kitties soon, i swear.

Julianna said...

Seriously I love my cat too! Yesterday she was sitting next to me cleaning herself when she turned and started cleaning my tummy! She seriously licked my tummy for 5 minutes. It was the cutest thing ever. I don't care what anyone else says... cats are the best!!!!

Curt and Ronda said...

Not to contradict you, my dear, but Merlin IS cross-eyed....

jessica renae said...

it's true... i don't think it's the fur either. he's cross-eyed. poor thing.. i wonder if he sees double..

Shaina Gwynn said...

Don't let anyone talk you out of your cat love. I love your kitties too, and I've never even met them. Please give them each a cuddle from me.

Alysha said...

I love kitties! I am currently undergoing a project entitled: Convince Husband to Get My A Kitten! I think I've almost been successful. :)