Saturday, February 12, 2011

let the hiking season begin!

yesterday, i went with my sister lori and her boys ashton and gavin to hike in snow canyon. we did the johnson's arch trail, a two mile trail, so it was a little hike but lots of fun! i had been dying to get out and hike around, especially because the day was so beautiful--it was almost 60 degrees--and even though the trees are still bare, the sky was beautifully blue.

here are some pictures from the hike:

why hello, tevas, i missed you over the winter!

look at that sky :) *sigh*
and ashton pointed out that this rock formation looks like a hand. so, reach for the sky!

me and the boys

red rock and the skeleton tree

lori, ashton, and gavs! nice face, ash

love that rock, it looks painted. and the boys kept asking who carved and sculpted all the rocks.


trudging along! cool tree

launching rocks into the big puddle at the end of the trail

lori and i!

i'm definitely going to take advantage of being in southern utah this year by hiking as much as possible. i want to hike once a week (at least), especially because there are so many beautiful hikes so close to home! and now that it's warming up, i can't wait to get started.


Berty Bell said...

Wow Lori made an appearance on your blog. LOVE IT! I was in George today and I thought to myself, self, it sure is a beautiful day you should be out hiking. But alas, I didn't. Instead I went to a stupid family bbq. Oh great fun extended family can be...

ANYWAY that's neither here nor there - Natalie, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and lately you update quite often, so that to me is super great!!!!!!

jessica renae said...

oh ivins is SO beautiful this time of year! i can't wait to come down and see that blue sky. i miss it here so much! when i come, we'll have to hike - i won't be able to here for quite a while still and i'm craving it!