Wednesday, April 27, 2011

how I got a fat lip, and other things

Last week was BYU graduation, so I went even though I really graduated in December, and I'm not even living in Provo right now. There are quite a few people who think it's pointless to walk, because all you get is a few hours' worth of speakers and an empty diploma cover. I, however, am an advocate of tradition and ceremony; I think traditions are important because they help us establish identity as groups, cultural or familial or otherwise. Commencement is also a way to celebrate not only the accomplishment of graduating, but the support of family and friends who made this accomplishment possible. Anyway, on with life and this post.

My favorite part about graduation was going to dinner at the Bombay House afterwards. It is really, truly, now and forever hands-down my favorite restaurant (ever). If you have never been there, please repent and go immediately. If you have been there and don't agree with me, then I'm sorry for your loss.

Graduation pictures to follow, by the way, as soon as I finagle my dad's camera from him and steal his memory card.

After graduation, my Grandma told me I had nice legs. I love her (:

I finished North and South. love that book.

Speaking of books, today I was on my bed trying to coax our kitty Merlin away from my sister when suddenly this book jumped from its previously dormant position on my bed and attacked me:

and that's how I got a fat lip. It's probably not the most exciting story. I could have said that a criminal broke into our house last night and hit me in the face with a 2x4, but that would probably give me more than just a fat lip, and it would be an outright lie. If it was true, this post's title would probably have read: "how I survived a vicious attack, and other things." As it is, the story I did tell wasn't entirely truthful, because my book didn't come to life and assault me; it merely responded to being tossed from its resting place on the covers in the general direction of my face.

Oh, one more thing. These four albums make up my new favorite playlist:

*The Decemberists: The King is Dead (best album ever? I'm still trying to decide)

*Sufjan Stevens: Greetings from Michigan

*Missy Higgins: On a Clear Night, and

*A Fine Frenzy: Bomb in a Birdcage

love, love, love. love.

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Skoticus said...

I met Chris Arthur today. He looks nothing like I thought he would, but he is incredibly charming and has a distiguished Irish accent. Pretty awesome.