Thursday, April 7, 2011

searching for blogs

i follow quite a few blogs, but unfortunately i've noticed that of the long list i follow, only a few regularly update. (sorrow). i very much enjoy reading the blogs that i already follow, but i am craving more.

also, most of the blogs i follow belong to my friends or family members, which is great, but i really want to branch out and possibly start blog stalking complete strangers. most people do, but i have never been able to really connect the strangers i have blog stalked. i usually end up disinterested with their lives, and stop following their blogs shortly after i start.

they don't necessarily have to be strangers, but i'm not going to exclude someone just because i'm not personally acquainted with him or her.

the bloggers don't have to lead exciting lives, but i am searching for people with unique perspectives, for people that find importance in the small, seemingly unexceptional details of life.

any suggestions?


jessica renae said...

i think you'll like her a lot! read it for a while to get into it at first - she lives a really different life: byu grad, travels a lot, and experiments with new things.
oh! and she loves food :)

Julianna said...

I started reading her blog because my cousin has a link to it even though she doesn't know her either. It's an LDS mom who's blog just got popular.

I love looking at cake wrecks! Its a really funny blog.

I am the same way I really like to read blogs and no one posts enough!

Clarisa said... It's hilarious!
My sister's blog, mostly about crafts she makes and occasionally recipes.
single dad laughing. single dad blog that I heard about from a friend. He writes some interesting stuff and has some funny videos! Watch the facebook personalities one, it's so right on!