Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a note about the honor code

i'm going to throw my oar into the byu honor code discussion:

lately, i've been noticing plenty of my byu-attending friends on facebook complaining about or making jabs at the byu honor code. there are also plenty of non-byu-attending people who think the honor code is ridiculous, but this post isn't necessary about them. anyway. it drives me up the wall when byu students complain about the honor code. why? let me explain.

1. when you apply to byu, you are made aware of the honor code stipulations. when you get accepted and register, you have to sign the honor code. so, if you thought it was stupid or pointless, why did you sign it? why do you go to byu? one of the great things about byu is the opportunity to study in an environment where the spirit can be felt, and that could be attributed to the majority of the byu students who actually follow the honor code.

2. i wonder why people bristle under rules. my previous blog post was about a conversation i had with my grandpa, and this subject came up. maybe i'm a lot like him: i don't mind following rules. it doesn't hurt me to keep the honor code. if it keeps my roommates' boyfriends from hanging out all hours of the night, i'm on board. really though, there are so many things to get worked up about in life. save your energy for getting good grades.

3. one last thing: the dress and grooming standards. i admit, i have had the urge to dye a chunk of my hair blue, but i can be patient enough to wait until i graduate. so if i really wanted to, i could satisfy that urge and have blue hair until september when i go back for grad school. and about dress standards, i'll just say how much i love not seeing girls in butt shorts and halters everyday in class.

oh, and guys: i understand that you might feel it's necessary to have a beard if you want to satisfy your manhood or whatever, but would it kill you to wait until you graduate? you have plenty of beard-growing days ahead of you. and please, no more mustaches. they are only for old men and hitler, and i have yet to see a guy who looks great with a mustache. i admit, some guys look great with facial hair, but all the rest look like straggly jack sparrow wannabes. so i'm willing to sacrifice looking at the few men that actually look good with facial hair if it means i don't have to see those who should leave beard growing to aragorn.

if you are so entirely opposed to all or some of the honor code, then UVU or U of U are pretty close. i'm sure they would welcome you and your issues with open arms.

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