Monday, August 29, 2011

the day

okay so i didn't need smelling salts, but i honestly don't understand HOW i will ever sound like an intelligent human being in front of my class.

babble babble babble stutter babble babble nonsense babble fool.

i was hoping to feel better after day one of teaching! i need to be patient. i'm hoping that at some point in the semester, i will actually feel comfortable in front of my class.

oh, just as a side note: my folklore/fairy tale seminar is going to be magical. yes, i am looking forward to reading fairy tales this whole semester. maybe my fairy tale this semester will go something like this:

once upon a time, there was a youngish grad student who was intimidated by everything from teaching freshman english to being around her intelligent grad student peers. in desperation, she fought the urge to crawl into fetal position and cry, but found consolation in a large slice of chocolate fudge cake with vanilla bean ice cream. this youngish grad student's fairy godmother noticed her dilemma, and stole into y.g.s.'s bedroom one night as she was fitfully sleeping. fairy g. placed a powerful enchantment on y.g.s.'s fabulous tweed jacket, so each time she wore it, the jacket would inspire y.g.s. to be confident and smart. this enchantment worked so well that in time y.g.s. overcame her fears and went on to conquer the world of writing and teaching and graduate study life. and there might be something about a knight and a horse, but that's another story for another day. the end.


Skoticus said...

You don't need no stinking fairy god mother to make that happen! You're awesome!

(You will, however, need lots of fudge cake. Maybe bring some into the carrels so we can all have some?)

Curt and Ronda said...

Long day, eh? I DO think it will get better as your students get to know the REAL you. Just smile. Your smile will charm them right away, and your laugh...they will be smitten.
I do want to hear the second part of your little fairy tale. Sounds intriguing....

Miss Jessie said...

Love your fairy tale. I would also like to read the rest of it someday, I think it would be a great fairy tale. By the way, I'm jealous that you are taking a fairy tale/folklore class, that would be so much fun!

jessica renae said...


...tonight? ;)