Thursday, August 25, 2011

there you go: seattle

i've promised pictures of my seattle trip, and once classes start on monday and i become a ravenous homework beast i probably won't have much time to upload photos. so here is a (very) brief, scatterbrained picture version of my family's trip to the northwest:

cherries. holy cow yum.


strange bear dog


green with water

green with water and feet

how to make the most perfectly toasted marshmallow 101

speed scrabble

card playing, me and mum

cool, local, organic, fantastic, AMAZING food

something tall

the girls and dad




Hailey Jo said...

I really really love all the captions for the pictures :) love ya!!

Julianna said...

It was so so so good to see you today! Te quiero muchisimo!

inabins said...

I strange bear-dog is probably a Newfoundland. I LOVE THEM! Here's why:

Lewis had one on the Lewis and Clark expedition.

They are huge! I mean 150 lbs huge. And oh, so huggable.

They are the mellowest, gentlest, kindest dogs you'll ever meet.

They are the best dog swimmers because they have fully webbed feet and swim with a breast stroke rather than a doggy paddle. They even have waterproof coats!

They will save you if you're drowning. They may "save" you even if you just get a little too rowdy in the pool. One dog saved something like one hundred people off a sinking ship, and he had never been trained in water rescue!

Nana from Peter Pan was a newfie.

I hope you enjoyed this brief lesson in the joys of Newfoundlands:)