Monday, August 8, 2011


i decided what i want to be when i grow up:
a chocolatier.
so naturally, a master's degree in creative writing would point me in the right direction. right?
imagine for a moment a collection of essays about the life of a chocolatier. in other words, the main characters would be me and chocolate. groundbreaking.
would you read that book?


jessica renae said...

a thousand times over. do! i want to read your next work of art and have it be about chocolate. EVERYTHING about chocolate... i want to read you writing about chocolate. right now.

Julianna said...

I'll be that with you!

Miss Jessie said...

Do you remember what it was like working at the chocolate factory? You have experience so your stories would be very realistic. I'd like to read these stories. I loved the piece you wrote about Tuacahn, I was laughing so hard! You're brilliant!

Skoticus said...

What if the collection was a bunch of essays written, delicately, on pieces of chocolate. A box of a dozen chocolates is 12 essays. That would be AWESOME. Also, I look forward to workshopping one of those this fall.

Toni Jones said...

i say YES! It's your calling in life. Not that this is the same thing, but have you ever seen the movie Chocolat? Love it.

inabins said...

Two of my favorite things in combination: Natalie and chocolate. I absolutely would read that. I also completely relate to your wish to be a chocolatier, because I occasionally go through a life crisis which gives me a burning desire to quit studying history and open a patisserie.