Sunday, May 2, 2010

first week

Now that I'm over the jet lag and into the swing of things, I wanted to post a few snapshots from my first week in London. This is such a beautiful, diverse city. I've been in awe every day of the things I see; it's so incredible that I'm even here! It's such a privilege to be here, and I am more aware of that every day. I feel like I've seen so much already, and it's only been a few days! At the same time, there is so much more to see. so I'll definitely be giving you all frequent updates! and because a picture is worth a thousand words... here are a few pictures worth a few thousand words for you! Enjoy!

this isn't the best shot, but I had to post it because it's the very first time I saw Big Ben - my group was coming up from the Tube (it was the very first day) and we walked up the stairs and BAM! right there in front of us was Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. quite the shock! that was the first time I realized "I am in London!"
London Tower Bridge - I walked across it, and I'm certainly going to revisit because it was a favorite spot! it's beautiful at dusk.

an insanely beautiful view of St. Paul's Cathedral from a bridge over the Thames. the guy in front of me apparently thought it was a good idea to take a picture, too!

Big Ben! and the Houses of Parliament. so, so, so beautiful!

me in front of the Houses of Parliament - and you can see a bit of Big Ben, too!

I love love love the light posts here! so pretty. and as you can see, there are still pretty blossoms on the trees! this is alongside the Thames

me at Piccadilly Circus (the Times Square of London). all the main theatres are around here... in fact, I saw Phantom of the Opera just around the corner!

kind of a random shot of St. Paul's, with the Union Jack and a double decker bus! I went to the very top of St. Paul's, btw :) (see below) this is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever stepped foot in. really, though, it's amazing.

this is me on the verrrry top of St. Paul's Cathedral - there are 530 stairs to the very top of the dome... the last bit was a long winding staircase, which kind of freaked me out (Carrie, you wouldn't have been able to do it!) it was the most beautiful view though!

feeding the pigeons in front of St. Paul's Cathedral (like in Mary Poppins.
yeah, I'm that awesome) :)

lame, I don't know why this picture loaded sideways (it's not like that in my computer) oh well. this is me at Phantom of the Opera! I was so excited that I was jumping out of my chair and Kathryn (who was with me) probably thought I was really crazy. well, I am!

with my opera glasses :) we were way in the balcony, but it was still amazing!

Charlie Chaplain statue! are my eyes closed? that would be unfortunate

Me in front of the National Gallery


The Vaughns said...

Aaaaah! You are actually in London! And you saw Phantom!!! You are so very lucky! :)

Love you!!

Liberty Williams said...

I'm loving all these posts!!! Makes me feel like I am there...I'm not, but I'm enjoying seeing pics and hearing all your fun travels.

Toni Jones said...

So awesome, loved all the pics! Keep sharing!

jessica renae said...

okay, the one with you and the pigeons is my absolute favorite!!! you are so beautiful. i'm glad you're having such a good time! love you tons!

Lori said...

I love these pictures!! Ashton freaked out when he saw the pic of the London Tower Bridge because he has seen pictures in his books. I am so excited that you saw Phantom, and a little jealous. Love you!

Fran said...

All your pictures bring back memories of being in London for a week with my mom and dad back in 2004. Other than the bus tours, there's no other way to see London than to walk it! Even a week wasn't enough time to see everything.