Sunday, May 30, 2010

Macbeth at the Globe!

Never in my life did I think I would actually have an opportunity to see a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre; so this was really beyond my wildest dreams! I love Shakespeare, and to be in the Globe watching one of his shows connected me to him and his time in a special way. Our group had "groundling" tickets, which meant we were standing throughout the performance on the ground (the place where all the lower class would see the play - and we're poor college students, so it makes sense!) This production of Macbeth was definitely a different interpretation - they used a big black canvas to cover the groundling section, which meant that everyone's heads were sticking out, and that's all! They used it throughout the show, and it helped to really be involved in the show. It was a very crazy experience! I loved it.

me, Kathryn and Chelsea, sitting down during intermission. It's not easy being a "groundling"; three hours is a long time to stand! You can see above our heads the black canvas with the little head slots where we can stick our heads out to watch the show!

This is what the groundling section looked like during Macbeth - everyone was all covered up! It was very interesting... they used it as a kind of extension of the stage, and the actors moved around under the canvas, occasionally scaring people and popping in and out of the slots (as you can see in the picture below). It was a great way to involve the audience (well, at least the standing audience), and have the audience members feel the tension of the play. It gets pretty intense when you're not sure if people are going to scare you from underneath!

Macbeth is a tragedy, and this production took advantage of the fact that there are a lot of battles and murders that go on - there was a lot of blood in the show! There were a few times when these guys came up through slots in the groundling section. It was very creepy and gross, but at the same time it made the play very real. It was an interesting experience.

....and then there was the best part of the show! Elliot Cowan, the actor that played Macbeth, was a hot, young version of Macbeth, with plenty of muscle. Besides being fabulously good looking, he was an incredible actor - he was dedicated to his role, and helped the audience see the progression and decline of the character of Macbeth.


jessica renae said...

this is so neat! :) i love how everyone had to stick their heads through... definitely unique, haha..

Curt and Ronda said...

This one guy is so creepy on your blog! He is kind of scarey!