Saturday, May 1, 2010

London Walks: Theatre Walk

This was a fun and eventful walk! We saw a beautiful view of Big Ben and the London Eye from the other side of the Thames, Cleopatra's Needle (which is a 60 ft. obelisk - one of two, the other is located in Central Park in NYC), Drury Lane (where the Muffin Man lives!), Somerset House, Covent Garden (which is so, so fun! We ate at Punch & Judy Cafe), Leicester Square (where I got a picture in front of the statue of Shakespeare), Trafalgar Square (with the huge statue of Lord Nelson), and the Golden Horses of Helios!

PS I keep calling the money pesos instead of pounds. Get out of my head, South America! :)

more to come!


jessica renae said...

oh it's so beautiful!! haha, i can't believe you saw where the muffin man lives! ;) i can't wait to here and see more! love you tons! we all miss you here in rainy provo so much!

Hailey Jo said...

ahh!! that is amazing!! say hi to the muffin man for me ;) haha love you tons!!

Sabrina Danielle. said...

Wow. i have serious goosebumps. I la la love London. Give Horatio Nelson kiss for me:)