Thursday, May 6, 2010

Little Venice Walk

Little Venice is a nice surprise in the middle of London. From the moment we came up from the tube stop station, we commented that it was noticeably quieter, and more tranquilo than the rest of the city. We didn't get a chance to ride down the canal in a boat, but that might have to be for a future adventure, because it would be beautiful! This city is so diverse - it amazes me how many cultures are represented here! Love, love love it.

Enter: Little Venice! The canal

the little square where St. Mary's Church was located

me, Kathryn and Chelsea in the yard of St. Mary's Church. This may sound strange, but I love all the gravestones in London - in every little churchyard, there are gravestones and monuments hundreds of years old. St. Mary's church was no exception

We loved the building facades - notedly different than other architecture in London... much more simple and less ornate

Beautiful view of the canal. Who knew there was a little Venice in London? I didn't!


Sabrina Danielle. said...

So beautiful! We should plan a Europe trip for next summer:)

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I am SO glad you are sharing pictures. The 'old' beauty there is simply amazing! And I love the building you said is 'simple and less ornate'! Love you dearie, Mom

jessica renae said...

yum. oh, it makes me want to buy a plane ticket instead of go to school next year. convince me that's my best option! it is, isn't it??