Monday, February 26, 2007

For Jenni

This is a silly, somewhat cliche poem I wrote in ten minutes for my friend. She's been through a lot when it comes to relationships, and I thought this poem expressed the hope she feels at a new interest....

Today I wrote my first name
attatched to your last
in the front cover
of my history textbook
"this book belongs to Jenni_____"
I felt cliche
but it felt good to be cliche
instead of heartbroken
like I was last month
the pieces of my hope
shattered in my chest
a piece by my liver
a piece in my foot
I thought it would be that way
but you made me smile
my first smile since Him
since the end
of something I thought would
last forever
last forever... could we?
you elevate me
I see your face in the moon
the shooting star catches
my wish


carrie said...

This is cute! I really like your poetry, Natalie... I can't believe you've just started writing it this year!

Jessica said...

This made me smile! so cute! I liked how at the end you ran the word together for starlightstarbirhgt...that was neat!