Monday, February 26, 2007

I face

This week, I face many obstacles. Although they may be daunting, I have the uncanny ability to survive weeks I initially don't think I can live through. I'm hoping this will prove true this week, for I face
*an 8-10 page research paper comparing Gl'Ingannati and Apolonius and Silla as sources to Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. (I haven't started this yet. Due Thursday) Crazy as it sounds, once I get going on this paper, I will probably enjoy it!
*a 5-6 page essay about one of Jorie Graham's poems, Tennessee June. Although this may not be due until next Wednesday, it's something I really need to start on
*Maus, a book by Art Spiegleman. For my English 314 class, the whole book is in comics, and it's about the Holocaust. Oh yeah, and the main characters in it are mice.
*A D&C midterm - not too worried, the professor made it clear that if we studied the questions he posted online, the questions on the midterm would be "verrrrrry similar." Still, another thing to do
*Research, and reading for my family history class
*The grocery store - let's face it, a girl needs to eat
*The DMV. My roommate's drivers' liscence, issued in Arizona, doesn't expire until 2051. Why, Utah, why?

These are the main things I need to do this week. I apologize, I really am not going to use this blog as my day planner, nor do I want sympathy, I just like to see down on paper (or online, in this case), exactly what I need to do. And right now school rules my life, obviously. Thankfully I have a job that I love or I would probably poke my eyes out :). Not that I don't love school, because I love learning, but sometimes I wonder if there were an easier way. Well, 24 calls my name....


Jenni said...

You forgot to mention that you have a HOT date Saturday night! School is not ruling over that!! So excited!

Jessica said...

and dispite all this pressing homework that you know you should start on now, you give in to the ever-present calling of 24! I do the same thing, but not with 24, and this is the reason that I am now on the computer! well, i guess it's a way to rebel against the fact that school always will threaten to take over everything in life!