Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This is my first attempt ever at writing a poem following a specific form - it's a Shakespearan sonnet. Whenever you want a very strenuous mental exercise, write a sonnet!

Morning Comes

The mirror of night reflects a sense of shame,
A shadow hid behind the perfect scene,
Concealed beneath a picture in a frame,
A secret life, which looks to others clean.
The shards of sin, they pierce into the soul,
Outside the moon climbs up across the sky
As guilt erodes, leaves nothing but a hole
The void that wolves fill with their lone reply
Of hate, of pain, of aching loneliness.
And yet, the sound of morning fills the air,
The dawn brings hope, a bittersweet caress,
As sunlight strokes the cheek with tender care.

I ache from wrongs made in careless play,
A new day comes to cleanse the pain away.

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