Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm new at this....

I was under extreme pressure to create a blog by my lovely little sister Jessica, so finally I decided to give in. First of all, let me address the reason why I chose "unconsciously me" as my blog title. Okay. I hate when people ask me to "describe myself in three words" or to tell them "what is one thing that makes you unique from anyone else" blah blah, you know what I mean. It's not like I don't know who I am, but can I describe it? no. Can I put my finger on what it is? no. I am me - unconsciously. There. :)

And since today is Valentine's Day, (oh, heart) I wanted to say how much it annoys me when people are bitter against V-day because they don't have a "love." Valentine's day celebrates LOVE; it doesn't have to be romantic love. Sister love, parent love, roommate love, friend love. It's all love. So what better way is there to celebrate Valentine's day than to spend it with the people that you love? Everyone, no matter how lonely they think they are, has someone who loves them.

Since this is already a very random blog, I'm going to add another tidbit. My main purpose in starting this blog is to write more. I am an English major, and I would love to someday be a writer. So, I have to have experience! This is a little bit of a start. It's more for my benefit than for anyone else's, but if anyone takes the time to read any poetry or prose that I post on this blog, I would love any feedback. Tell me what you think!

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Jessica said...

Horray!!! I'm so glad that you set up a blog. Now we can share writing all the time - it'll be so much easier!
By the way, I completely agree with your anti-Valentine's Day statement!