Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This is rough draft of a poem I wrote randomely one day. It expresses, I think, the frustration girls in general feel when they like boys. Feedback would be great!


I am a selfish person
and I hate for someone
to occupy my thoughts so entirely
it’s frustrating, I need to study
I need to stop biting my nails
I might as well just give in
And start writing your name
In my creative writing notebook
I don’t even know your last name
But your eyes are so blue
Wait. Stop! I don’t even like you
I just met you
And I definitely didn’t
Spend extra time in front of the mirror
Just for you. And if I did
Spend extra time in front of the mirror
It wasn’t for you. I like to look nice
And I didn’t drive by your apartment
Hoping to see a glimpse of you
And if I did drive by your apartment
It was the fastest route to work
So don’t even bother calling
I’ll probably turn off my phone
I’ll turn up my music
The Cranberries will help me to forget
Not that I even remember
I’ll start writing poetry about the sun
And stop writing this poem about you
I’ll push you out of my thoughts
And not sit across from you at church
Just so I can see you
I liked it better when my thoughts
Were only of other things
Like Jack Johnson, eyeshadow and books
I liked it better when I didn’t have to
Write a poem to figure myself out
Or when I could listen to a love song
Without a specific person in mind
I told you I was selfish
I just want things my way
You’re probably not my type
I’m going to be in control
I’m going to do my homework
Shakespeare, research papers, and other stuff
More worthwhile
I’m not even going to think about you
Starting tomorrow.