Wednesday, February 21, 2007

random google search!

Yay for random google searches! Here's the deal - do a google search with your name and "needs," and write down the first 10 results! So funny!
Natalie needs:
1. a nightie
2. to give John space
3. to move on
4. to shut her mouth and just sing!
5. wide open spaces
6. a vacation
7. some work
8. to lighten up
9. kids around her
10. to hear this live concert!

haha.... I love randomness. Actually, I do need a vacation. And I wouldn't turn down a live concert either.


Jessica said...

you could also use a nice nighty!

Jenni said...

How about this... Jenni needs:
A hug
A better support system
A movie buddy
Bigger mouth and nose holes (what?!?)
as many as she can get


Anonymous said...

hey nat i need a,
housing rules
lung transplant
nick name
foster home
to pee (:
look where im going
Hailey Jo

Lisa said...

Lisa Needs...
a kitchen
a bigger grin with lots more warmth
to handler lower conditions

yeah not as cool as Natalie...but I rarely am.